Ulla von Brandenburg

Blue and Yellow Shadows

25. April 2021 – 17. October 2021

1/2 Ulla von Brandenburg, Blaue und Gelbe Schatten, Performance im Georg Kolbe Museum, 2021, Fotos: Enric Duch

A dance of colors, fabrics, and bodies occurs in Ulla von Brandenburg’s new artworks, which span an arc in the exhibition space – from the Weimar years to the present, from modernism to contemporary art. At the center of the series by the Paris-based artist, shown here for the first time, is her film “Blaue und Gelbe Schatten” (Blue and Yellow Shadows), which explores the origins and effects of color. Text fragments from Goethe’s Theory of Colors meet experimental sound colors and bodies, interacting lustfully in the wild. In three acts, the film allows movement and color to merge, with the latter becoming the protagonist itself.

Inspired by the radical eroticism of the “absolute dancers”, Ulla von Brandenburg continues her longstanding exploration of the interplay between body, space, and materiality. In opposition to the topos of historical tableaux, her film celebrates physicality beyond ideals of youth. Installed in Kolbe’s large studio, the artist’s work assumes its characteristically spacious form. The walk-in staging of colorful fabric panels and objects, whose color concept runs pictorially through the entire show, is constantly re-staged by the architectural lighting. Complementing the installations is a performance, the film documentation of which will be integrated into the exhibition later.

The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue and a film.