The Absolute Dance

Female Dancers in the Weimar Republic

Ed.: Julia Wallner; Authors: Carolin Brandl, Gabriele Brandstetter, Yvonne Hardt, Elisabeth Heymer, Wolfgang Müller, Brygida Ochaim, Marlene Scholz, Elke Tesch, Ulrike Traub, Julia Wallner (dt./engl.)
2021 | 222 S. | 21 €

Like the show itself, the richly illustrated publication is dedicated to eleven female dancers who  shook up the art scene and society as a whole in Berlin during the 1920s. With performances that thrilled and outraged audiences in equal measure, they performed at institutions such as the Volksbühne, as well as in night bars and vaudevilles. The book introduces each dancer with a separate text illuminating her artistic approach in the context of key biographical data. The volume opens with essays by the curators of the exibition, Brygida Ochaim and Julia Wallner. Contributions by Gabriele Brandstetter, Yvonne Hardt, Wolfgang Müller, Marlene Scholz, Elke Tesch, Ulrike Traub, and Carolin Brandl expand the topic of dance in interdisciplinary terms.

The 224-page book (Swiss brochure) is published in German; a booklet with English translations can be included on request.

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