Tilla Durieux

A Witness to a Century and Her Roles

Ed.: Daniela Gregori, Hans-Peter Wipplinger, authors: Hans-Peter Wipplinger, Julia Wallner, Daniela Gregori, Hannah Reisinger, Aline Marion Steinwender, Stephan Dörschel (dt./engl.)
2023 | 300 S. | 34.90 €

Celebrated theatre and film star, political activist, Berlin icon and probably one of the most portrayed women of her time. The roles of Tilla Durieux (1880, Vienna-1971, West Berlin) were just as diverse as the list of artists she posed for: among them Max Slevogt, Lovis Corinth, Franz von Stuck, Ernst Barlach, August Gaul, Mary Duras, Emil Orlik, Sasha Stone, Oskar Kokoschka, Olaf Gulbransson, Max Oppenheimer, Frieda Riess and Lotte Jacobi – to name but a few. These depictions in a wide variety of media were created over a period of around 70 years and show Durieux in the reflection of her time.

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