Catalogs of current and past exhibitions, books on classical modernist sculpture, publications on Georg Kolbe and his work as well as on other artists represented in the museum’s collection, plus postcards and small souvenirs: the museum store’s assortment invites visitors to browse and is thematically supplemented with each new exhibition. The store is located in Georg Kolbe’s former dining room, which was only made accessible to visitors in the course of the extensive renovation in 2016, and is connected to the former living studio by a large sliding door. The built-in furniture and wall paneling that Kolbe had installed here have been preserved in their original condition.


Product(s) of the month

Whether for friends of calligraphy, passionate illustrators or simply experimenters who would like to walk in the footsteps of Kolbe’s ink drawings, we now have finest drawing pens and inkwells in different colors in our store.

Cost: drawing pen for 4.50 euros, drawing ink in various colors per piece 6 euros and both in set 10 euros.