01. September 2022
  • Adult

Georg Kolbe im Nationalsozialismus

Georg Kolbe, one of the most important sculptors of the first half of the 20th century in Germany, was artistically successful in four political systems. However, research into his work under National Socialism in particular is still full of potential – also due to previously incomplete archival material. With the receipt of an extensive written partial estate from the inheritance of Kolbe’s granddaughter, who died in Canada, in 2020, more precise perspectives on his activities on the art market, on his dealings with public and private clients, on his participation in exhibitions, on his political contacts as well as on his self-promotion strategies between 1933-45 and the subsequent reception history are now possible. The Georg Kolbe Museum has initiated a research project in 2021 and invited art historians to address these important topics. The results will be presented at the conference in September 2022.