No one knows me

Iris Häussler meets Benjamine Kolbe

Ed.: Julia Wallner; Authors: Sintje Guericke, Marlene Gunia, Georgiana Uhlyarik, Julia Wallner (dt./engl.)
2022 | 120 S. | 15 €

Like many artists‘ wives of her time, BENJAMINE KOLBE (1881-1927) remained in the shadow of her husband. Thanks to the spectacular discovery of the estate, which came to the Georg Kolbe Museum in 2020, several hundred letters and photographs can now shed light for the first time and answer the question: Who was the woman Kolbe adored and immortalised in countless works? The German-Canadian artist IRIS HÄUSSLER simultaneously creates a feminist commentary on the male-dominated history of the 20th century. She brings to life two women artists who never existed but could have. In Häussler‘s work, what historiography has overlooked becomes reality.

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