15. April 2024
15:00 – 19:15

Activating a Collection

Artists‘ Estates in the Digital Space

On the occasion of the current exhibition Noa Eshkol. No time to Dance, the Georg Kolbe Museum is organizing an international workshop focused on contemporary approaches to and productive ways of working with artists‘ estates and archives in the digital space.

The work surrounding estates is becoming increasingly professional as well as varied. Thanks to digitisation, archives can be „visited“ from anywhere in the world at any time. Broadened accesses and expanded participation, which enables a significantly more active engagement of diverse individuals with museum collections, as well as the linking of hitherto little-noticed contexts are keys themes of the workshop.

Based on further examples of international artists‘ estates, the participants in the workshop will discuss models for the digital presentation of the archives, but also the possibilities of their usability for research and the public using concrete innovative examples.


Participation is free of charge, please register.