25. August 2024
15:00 – 18:00

Finissage with Yael Bartana

At the finissage of the exhibition Noa Eshkol. No Time to Dance, artist Yael Bartana (*1970, Kfar Yehezkel, Israel) will talk to curator Avi Feldman about her work The Undertaker (2019) shown in the exhibition. The conversation begins on August 25 at 3:00 pm.

In her films, installations, photographs, staged performances and public monuments, Yael Bartana explores themes such as national identity, trauma and displacement. She often uses the form of ceremonies, commemorations, public rituals and collective gatherings that question and break down constructed borders such as the nation state.

Avi Feldman (*1976, Canada) is a curator and lawyer with a global interest and expertise in contemporary art, dance and performance. With a degree in law and a doctorate in curating, he forms an interface between art and law. For example, he was guest curator for the MINI/Goethe-Institut Curatorial Residencies Ludlow 38 in New York and founded the independent organization The Agency for Legal Imagination for exchange and collaboration between institutions, artists, activists and scholars in the fields of art, law and politics. Avi Feldman currently runs the Berlin gallery Contemporary Wannsee. Yael Bartana was featured in the exhibition Rehearsal for Redemption in 2023. She showed new video works and photographs inspired by Rudolf von Laban and created in cooperation with choreographies by Mor Bashan. Since 2024, Feldman has been teaching a course entitled Wannsee: Laboratory for the Future at Bard College Berlin and the Kunsthochschule Burg Giebichenstein in Halle.