01. June 2023

Lecture by Elisabeth Heymer: Tilla Durieux in the spotlight of Art Criticism

Tilla Durieux became known for her haunting roles: Her casting as „Salome“ in 1903 in Max Reinhardt’s production, made her a star overnight. The fascination for the multifaceted actress is also expressed in the numerous role portraits in the exhibition.

In addition to the pictorial portrayals, theater reviews of the time in particular can provide information about the fascination of Tilla Durieux. The critiques give an impression of the actress’s performance style and her specificity. In addition, they can also show how the figure of Tilla Durieux is also entwined with debates about the theater of her time, especially between the turn of the century and the 1920s. How does Durieux’s acting reveal a modern, new theater?