05. May 2022
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Evening Lecture

Three decisive women in the life and afterlife of Georg Kolbe. Benjamine Kolbe, Margrit Schwartzkopff, Maria von Tiesenhausen

When in 2020 an important part of Georg Kolbe’s estate came to the museum from the inheritance of Maria von Tiesenhausen, the artist’s granddaughter, it quickly became apparent how much more multifaceted Georg Kolbe could be viewed in the future and how much more clearly some of the people in his immediate environment, who had remained pale until then, could be portrayed: In one fell swoop, about 800 unknown letters from his wife Benjamine and numerous private photo albums appeared. Also part of the Canada collection are extensive correspondences of his long-time assistant, later estate administrator and first museum director Margrit Schwartzkopff with Kolbe himself as well as with important museums, galleries and collectors. Maria von Tiesenhausen’s traces in turn run through the private and public/business holdings of the estate, as she was not only a close family member but also the second director of the Georg Kolbe Museum after Margrit Schwartzkopff.